Madd Dash 10k

This morning John and I ran the Madd Dash 10k. Our training plan called for an easy 8 mile run so we ran the race at a light pace and then continued on for a little less than 2 more miles. It was raining for the entire run but that was kind of nice! The Madd Dash is a well organized event.

I was very impressed with the Madd Dask 10k. I only wish I could have raced it instead of taking a leisurely pace. It’s a well organized race. Tim Hortons was there with free coffee, chili, donuts, and bagels! There were many other sponsors and free food including bananas, pizza, desert type stuff, and subs (yup, subs!). They had an excellent sound system. It was crystal clear. They had very good emcees (if that’s the right word) that were fun to listen to. Inside the school they had a stage with a live band and another excellent sound system.

There’s really nothing that I can complain about for this race. The course is a nice simple loop with some moderate hills to it. I was surprised to see only one water stop but with all of the rain today it didn’t matter. If it were warmer I think a single water stop would have been a challenge for beginners. It was a little awkward coming through the finish because there was no one else around us. There were a good 30-40 people at the finish line (even though it was raining) and the emcee was commenting on us. It was a bit strange being in the spotlight like that.

John and I ran about 8 miles in 1:46, a 9:25 average pace. I don’t remember what our 10k time was.  I wore my new sneakers for this run and I liked them a lot this time.  I’m now planning on wearing them for the race on Sunday.

This is the last week before the marathon! I have a 3 mile easy run, a 5 mile tempo run, and one last 3 mile easy run to do before the marathon. Paranoia mode has set in but I should be pretty well prepared. I have my favorite gel on order and it should arrive tomorrow. I’ve (sort of) planned out meals for the week and I’m staying far away from my wife who seems to have contracted a cold. At this point there’s nothing more I can do but try to stay healthy. We’ve trained well for this race and I think we’re ready!



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