Time Keeps on Tickin' Tickin' Tickin'

Just six more days!  I’m getting a little nervous but I know in my head that I’m well prepared for the race.

Today my Razz Cliff Shot gels arrived.  Rei.com gave me a great price although it did take a while to ship them.  Still, I have them and I’ll order from REI again — they have excellent pricing.

I ran in my bright yellow Mizuno’s again.  Like yesterday they felt great again.  I’m leaning towards using these for the marathon.  It’s unlikely that I’ll wear my old sneakers.

Today an easy 3 mile run was scheduled.  I ran the 3.2 mile loop in 26:46.  I tried to go slow but that’s actually an 8:22 average pace!  Sheesh!  I didn’t even feel very good during the run.  I don’t think things would have gone well had I done a long run today.

I have a few things to do before Sunday.  I need to change the music on my mp3 player and cut a straw to the proper length for the run.  I tested the straw technique at the Madd Dash and it worked very well except that the straw was a little too short.


One response to “Time Keeps on Tickin' Tickin' Tickin'

  1. If you were not nervous that means you don’t care about the race, nerves are good! I am no pro but thought I would share my mantra with you in case it might help you a little. The two things I cycle in my head when racing are: 1. Pain is Temporary and Pride is Forever 2. Pain is weakness leaving the body.
    I think about how proud I will be running through the pain and feeling great about my effort at the end, each time I want to walk I think about people who don’t have the ability to run. I also think about Michael a lot…he can’t be here to run but you can. YOU ARE GOING TO DO AWESOME!!!! I fully expect to get the “I broke 4hrs” call!!!
    Also think about what an elite class you are in, do you know how many people admire you and are inspired by what you are setting out to do, now that is motivational!!!
    From you favorite Seaster =) the slower runner in the family…..

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