4 Days and Counting

Tonight I ran a tempo run.  My training schedule called for 5 miles but, out of convenience, I put in 5.25 miles.  Once again I used my bright yellow new sneakers.  They felt good but the muscles in my legs (my shins actually) had a tired/sore feeling.  It might not have been the shoes but it was a little uncomfortable.

It felt great running tonight.  Once I hit four miles I felt like I had warmed up.  The music was great and I got a runner’s high.  When I finished the loop once again I couldn’t believe what I saw on my watch — 40:26!  I beat the previous weeks tempo run by 2 minutes!  That’s an average pace of 7:42.  I can’t complain about that time for that distance.  It was cool and overcast tonight (62 degrees) which certainly helped.  The weather for Sunday is supposed to be near that temperature.  Everything is coming into place!

I have a few things left to do before Sunday:

  • Get a straw from Wendy’s to cut to size
  • Prepare my gel packs (cut the notches)
  • Put new music on my mp3 player
  • Buy a bagel and a banana from Wegmans

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