Back on the Road

Monday night (9/24) I hit the road for an 8.3 (ish) mile run.  I’ve been itching to put in some longer runs since the marathon but I also wanted to give my body a rest.  On Monday I felt comfortable to do a mid-length run.

I ran at a comfortable pace.  It was sunny out when I started and comfortably warm.  I was out simply to have fun and did not feel compelled to break any speed records.  Besides, I have a 5k coming up and I’d like to at least be injury free for that.

I was surprised at how quickly it gets dark these days.  Once the sun starts to set there’s little time before it’s quite dark out.  It was a little odd wearing sunglasses and having my LED pack flashing!

Along the way I was honked at (in a good way!).  I smiled at waived as they passed.  I live for that stuff.

I ended up running the 8.3 miles at an average pace of 8:36.   That kind of blew me away since I was not trying to run fast in any way.


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