I Ran Boston

I didn’t run the Boston Marathon much less qualify for it but I did run in Boston this week. I was in town for 3 days for a conference. I stayed at the Westin. When I asked the concierge where a good place to run would be I was surprised when they handed me a map. They had Runner’s World map out two courses, one three miles, and one five miles.

Both of the courses were loops around a section of the Charles river. I ran the five mile route on both occasions. On Wednesday 9/19 I set out at about 8 PM. It was getting dark already and I was slightly concerned about running in the dark in an unknown city on a route that I wasn’t familiar with. It turned out to be fine as there were TONS of people out running. I must have seen 60 runners in 5 miles. I didn’t set my stopwatch correctly so I wasn’t able to record a time for this run. I’m pretty sure that I ran it rather fast as it felt like I was flying. Ironically the distraction of all of the sights probably helped speed things up too.

On Thursday 9/20 I ran the 5 ish mile loop again this time when it was light out. I wasn’t able to run very fast as my shins were bothering me. That’s not much of a surprise since I ran five miles less than 24 hours prior. My legs still aren’t terribly strong and I need a decent break time between runs. Still, it was a good run. I ran it in about 44 minutes. Since the route is a little over five miles the average pace was 8:19.

Running in Boston was great. One thing I liked a lot about running a loop around the Charles river was that I could see how far I went.  When I returned to the side of the river that I started on after running around 4 miles I could see clearly how far I had run on the other side of the river.  I could see very clearly the distance between the two bridges that I crossed.

I’d love to go back to Boston.  I’ll bring my running shoes along for sure if I do!



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