Geneseo Homecoming 5k

On Friday 9/28 I ran the inaugural Geneseo Homecoming 5k.  I ran as part of the team “The Lost Gladiators.”  My team consisted of Me, John, Mike, Julie, and Mary.  We had extra support from Ada and Cassie.

The course was … interesting.  The first two miles were very downhill and the last mile was very uphill.  There was about 200 ft to climb in the last mile!  The was a lot of scenery on the course and I’m not talking about campus although the campus was nice looking too.  The course had a lot of narrow and very tight turns (90 degrees or less).  It made it hard to not cut people off and to not get cut off.  You also lose a lot of speed in sharp turns like that.  A couple sections of the course were run on grass which also slowed people down.  I hope that they will alter the course a bit next year.

I did very well, a new PR!  It was only the second 5k I’ve ever run and I wasn’t a runner for the first one.  I finished in 22:40, a 7:19 pace.  I didn’t expect to do that well on that course.  I wonder what I’d be capable of on a flatter course?  John finished in about 25 minutes, Julie in 29:12, Mike in 30:24, and Mary in about 52 minutes.  Mary carried Cassie on her chest and pushed Ada for the entire course.  Well, actually, Mary didn’t get to finish with Ada for the last .2 miles of the race (or so) because her parent’s snatched her away!

After the race we all went for subs at Aunt Cookies.  Delicious!



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