All (Not) Alone Again

On 10/14 and again on 10/18 I ran with John.  John’s back from a short break he took allowing his leg to heal.  While his leg isn’t 100% better he’s able to put in a few miles each week.

On both occasions we ran just over 10 miles.  The first run was near my house (country-ish) and the second run was near his house (city).  On the first run I had trouble keeping up with him.  The rest must have really paid off because this was the first time that I really had to work hard to keep up with him.  On the second run we ran comfortably together for almost the entire run.

It was great to be running long runs again and it was great to have someone to run with.  I’m looking forward to John’s leg healing enough that we can put in even more miles together.


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