Am I Insane?

Are you insane if you know you are insane?  Does the knowledge of your own insanity only prove that you are not actually insane?

I believe I am insane.  My most convincing evidence is that I went for a long run on a Sunday morning.  Big deal right?  I got up at 5 AM to do so.  Big deal again.  I started running at 6:15 AM.  Big deal.  It was still pitch black outside.  Big deal.  It was 47 degrees out.   Any of those factors individually isn’t saying much.  When you put them all together you have insanity.

Normally on my solo long runs I look for things like road kill.  On  this occasion I was looking for the white line on the side of the road hoping to not trip on roadkill.  I was looking for people.  I saw one woman in her bath robe getting the Sunday paper.  I saw 3 cars in the first 3 miles.  I saw billions of stars.  I couldn’t see much else.

I don’t know if it was the cold, the lack of light, or me but I ran the first 6.5 miles at a pace much slower than I usually run.  Perhaps this pace will save me from the sharks?  It took me 1:03 to run the first 6.5 miles.   I picked up the pace for the remainder of the 16 mile run and finished in 2:26:26 resulting in an average pace of about 9:06.


One response to “Am I Insane?

  1. I’ve been getting up early lately to hunt. Sun-up is at ~7:30 this time of year. There’s not even much ambient light until ~7:10! Forget the 47 degrees – you’re nuts without that!

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