Why does it hurt?

I’m sore.  I’m very sore.  I’ve been weight training at least since I was 14 (more than half my life!) typically putting in 4-5 days per week on weights.  I know what muscle soreness feels like.  I know what my muscles are capable of.  Over the last two days I’ve gotten sore.  Not just one muscle group but nearly every muscle in my body.  My abs are killing me, my chest is sore (but that’s from weight training), my back is sore, my biceps are sore, and my calves are very sore.  This is not normal.  I’ve been to the gym only once this week.  I think I’m sick but muscle soreness is the only symptom.  Mary is complaining of the same thing (she’s sore when and where she should not be sore).

I ran the 3.2 mile loop tonight with Mary.  I ran it at a very easy pace and it wasn’t uncomfortable to run.  I’m running the Niagara Falls Half this weekend so I was a little concerned that running would be uncomfortable.  I’m not shooting for a PR on this run so I’m not upset that I feel the way I do.  Still, it’s a mystery wrapped in an enigma embossed with a question mark and delivered by a masked ninja.  I’d really like to know why I’m so sore!


One response to “Why does it hurt?

  1. I’m willing to bet that it has to do with you being sick. I tend to get sore when I get something that would otherwise make me tired. Hopefully its a short run (of the sickness).

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