Almost a PR and Marathoner Definition

Last night I ran once again in the dark and cold of western New York. I ran the Rowe Quarter, a route that I run often (though many times with variations). I ran at a tempo pace and very nearly broke my record for the route. I finished in 53:06 just 20 seconds shy of my PR of 52:47. The only reason I know my best time for that route is because of my training log.

When I was running last night I thought about a previous comment I made about the definition of a “marathoner.”

For the record I disagree with the definition from  In the past I’ve told people that I don’t consider anyone a marathoner until they’ve run two marathons. My thinking was that if you’ve only done one marathon you can say only that you’ve “run a marathon.” Once you do two you can say you “are a marathoner.” I changed my mind last night. I think to be a marathoner all you need is genuine intent. To be a marathoner you must be intent on completing a marathon. Your intent must be genuine which is where the definition becomes fuzzy. Many people say they want to run a marathon before they die but most aren’t serious and they aren’t working towards their goal. If you are serious about completing a marathon and you are working towards that goal then you can call yourself a marathoner. In the same respect if you ran a marathon 10 years ago and have no intent to run another or are not actively working towards running another then you are not a marathoner.

I’m a marathoner.  I’m working towards running another marathon next year, hopefully Marine Corps.


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