I Don't Like Treadmills

On Monday, November 5th, I broke down and ran on a treadmill. I felt I had no choice. It’s been dark and cold outside. I’ve not been terribly comfortable running in those conditions. I went to the gym on Monday and decided that as much as I didn’t want to I should run on the treadmill to get some miles in. I was hopeful that I wouldn’t mind it. I did mind it. A lot.

It might not have been so bad had the batteries in my mp3 player not died. It might not have been too bad if there were better (any?) eye candy at the gym that night. It definitely would have been better if I didn’t have ready access to my pace and distance. I covered those details with a towel but since there’s nothing else to look at while on a treadmill I gave in to temptation and looked at the ugly details.

I think what I hate the most is the pace. It never varies. When I’m on the road I automatically adjust based on how I feel. If a great song comes on I’ll unconsciously run faster. If I get tired I will slow down. On a treadmill that’s not so easy. When I’m on the road I might hope to run at a good pace but on a treadmill I can nearly force myself to run that pace whether I’m ready for that pace or not.

I ran at a good pace but I was worried about matching the pace of the treadmill. If I went too slowly then my foot would logically slide forward in my shoe banging my nails and giving me blisters under the nails. I don’t want blisters under my nails. I’m also afraid that this sort of “not keeping the same pace as the treadmill” contributes to shin splints. I think I felt some shin pain during this run but it was so faint that it was probably all in my head.

This run confirmed for me that I can’t do treadmills even in the cold darkness that is western New York.  I will find a way to run outside.  Multiple layers, headlights, running during lunch at work, and yes tights.  Whatever it takes to be on the road.  You must understand I feel I have no choice.


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