Philly Marathon

Tomorrow John and I are leaving to run the Philadelphia Half Marathon.  The race is at 7 AM Sunday morning.  I’m going to try for a PR but I’m not very confident I will get it this time.  At the Niagara Falls Half Marathon not too long ago I ran a 1:48.  I’d like to beat that but my last few runs haven’t felt very good and my times reflected that.  On Tuesday John and I ran about 5 miles at about a 9 minute pace.  Normally that might have felt slow and easy but it certainly did not feel that way this Tuesday.  My run before that on Sunday was extremely difficult on me.  I haven’t been eating as well as I should be either.  I’ve had a distinct lack of veggies this weeks and I’ve been eating too much junk food.  Luckily the weather shouldn’t be too cold.  It’s predicted to be 38 F at 6:00 AM in Philly on Sunday.  The temps aren’t supposed to go over 40 by 9 though.  That’s a bit chilly but I can handle it.  I’ll have to actually wear a shirt for this race.  It will be the first race that I’ll run with a shirt.  So sad…


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