500 Miles!

I started logging miles on June 18th 2007.  On November November 28th I logged my 500th mile!  I’ve run more than 500 miles this year but this is my 500th logged mile.  Unfortunately it wasn’t a very good run.  It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t good. 

It was cold and slightly windy and, of course, very dark.  I wore 4 shirts, gloves, a hat, and shorts.  My legs were numb almost immediately.  I can’t wait to get tights so that my legs are warmer when running in this horrible climate.  It was 32 degrees outside which I realize isn’t horribly cold but 32 doesn’t suit me for running.  I much prefer it to be at least 55 degrees out and below 90.  Although I find running in 90 degree temps to be a challenge.  When it gets to be about 30 outside I don’t find it to be a challenge — just uncomfortable.

My outer shin muscles got very tired during the run.  I don’t know why but it may have been because I couldn’t feel my legs.  I could feel the muscle soreness but everything else was rather numb.  Maybe that affected my stride?  Even with the discomfort I ran at a decent pace.  I finished the 3.2 mile loop in 25:59, an 8:08 pace.

Tonight, if it’s not too windy, I will run the Rowe Quarter (6.5 miles).  I may run it in reverse depending on how much wind there is.  If it’s very windy I won’t run at all.  If it’s a little windy I’ll run in whatever direction places the wind at my back.  I’ll be screwed if the wind is from the North or South.


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