Turn Around

I haven’t been making to the gym or running as much as I’d like to. It’s easy to blame external factors like the weather we see this time of year in Rochester, NY but weather shouldn’t be stopping me. I can brave the weather — if I choose to. I haven’t chosen to enough lately and I plan to change that. I admire that Mary gets out there and runs in the horrible cold.

I made it to the gym twice this week and I may make it for one more workout this week but I’m not sure. I haven’t run yet this week (so sad!). I will run on Sunday with Mary. I may turn that into a long run. It may be a challenge if the weather doesn’t cooperate — especially the wind.

My last run was last Friday. I ran the Rowe Quarter in reverse. I very rarely, if ever, run that route in reverse. I don’t even run that route in the normal order very often. The wind was pushing at my back…well it was pushing against the shirt I had one, one of five shirts that I had on. I wasn’t that cold but I was afraid of ice and I did walk a little to avoid slipping on ice. I also walked once because my shin muscles got very tired. Walking made it worse. I felt great at the 5 miles point and had an awesome 1.5 miles to the finish. I was flying! It felt great and I felt super relaxed after the run. Laziness and fear of the weather kept me off the road this week (so far at least). I ended up clocking a very good time, an 8:07 average pace!

Flight reservations have been made. Donna, John, and I are all running Miami! If you ask John he’ll probably lie right to your face and say that he’s not going to run the race. Generally John’s a very good guy. I don’t understand why he’s turned into such a liar. So don’t bother asking him. Just know that he is going to run. My next planned race will be the Spring Forward 15k in April and the Buffalo Half Marathon in May.

By the way, if you want to know what the weather is like in Rochester at this time of year just close your eyes and walk into a large freezer.


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