I should know better

When I ran with Mary on Sunday my knee hurt almost from the start.  The outside of my legs were numb but the edge of my knee hurt on the inside.  Instead of cutting the run off at the 7 miles mark I continued for another 3 miles.  By the time I finished my knee had stopped hurting but my hip was in pain.  I seem to have this under control after taking some vitamin-I (ibuprofen).

I ran a nice 3 miler last night at an 8 minute per mile pace and I had almost no pain.  Even though it was 33 degrees and completely dark out the run felt great.  I paid special attention to my foot strike.  It seems like my right foot strikes heel to toe and my left foot strikes on the ball of my foot.  I tried to run so that both of my feet struck on the balls of my feets (or the midsection or whatever you call it — just not the heels).  I felt like I was running faster and that it was easier.

I was lucky this time but I might not be so lucky next time.  I don’t want to end up like John and miss out on the coolest races.


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