I do Know Better

Mary ran the first race of the freezeeroo (sp?) series yesterday morning.  As always I was jealous to not be participating in the race.  I continued to be jealous all day while we had friends over.  When they left I decided to run 6.5 miles even though it was 17 degrees out and starting to get dark.  I suited up with 5 long sleeve technical shirts, my hat, my gloves, mittens over my gloves, my running shorts, and wind breaker style pants.  The pants were a first for me running.  I knew I couldn’t handle temps that low in shorts so I finally bit the bullet and wore pants.  It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be but it wasn’t ideal either.  The material brushed against my knees (as I feared) and it was irritating.  Still it was better than being freezing cold.

I got a runners high after only 3 miles!  It was awesome.  I had a blast running.  In fact I recorded a new PR for the Rowe Quarter at 52:28.  That’s only 28 seconds off of breaking an 8 minute mile for that route!

While it was an awesome run in most ways it was bad in that my knee hurt almost the entire time.  I’ve decided to take about a week off of running to let my knee heal.  I’ll run next when Donna is home.  I know better than to keep running on it…as much as I want to keep running on it…


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