A Christmas Eve Morning Run

This is what my sister wrote about our ice cold Christmas Eve run.

Who’s afraid of the Little brother…I AM!

I don’t know when it happened but it did. Greg went crazy.

Forecast: feels like 17 but is 29…according to weather.com; according to Donna.com feels like CRAP (which is anything less than 80) but is less than tolerable.

Activity: A “run” with Greg

Distance: 5 miles

Reason I believe Greg is crazy: (these are quotes from this morning all from Greg)

  • “I can’t feel my face, this is great”
  • “Let’s run into the wind”
  • “Looking forward to running the other direction to freeze BOTH sides of my face”
  • “It’s not that bad”
  • “I will be taking Vitamin I” (ibuprohen in Greg’s language)
  • “Looks like a great training run, lots of uphill”

**side note…there are no quotes from me because I could not breath***

I had 2 pairs of pants, sports bra, jacket, sweatshirt and plastic jacket, face mask…yes the ones with only the eyes and mouth cut out (the kind robbers wear…we just happened to have some here), and another hat on top of that. Greg…well, I think I have four shirts on…not JACKETS…not sweaters…no parkas…..seriously!

We did finish 5 miles…I saw the most awesome signs that I can’t find in Florida….one that says Low Flying Planes, one that is a picture of a man on horse…apparently there is heavy horse traffic there, and my personal favorite: Seasoned Manure Free. Absolutely awesome. The other thing I can’t find in FL is snow, can I get an amen?

I need some Tylenol 24hr about now…and then a huge jolt of caffeine.

Waddle on.


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