A Recipe for Disaster

  1. Drop your weekly mileage to about 10 miles per week running 2-3 times (usually 2).
  2. Get new running gear which makes you even more excited than normal to run.
  3. Run 4-5 times in one week.
  4. Double your weekly mileage.

This is what I have done.  I now have shin splints, which I have not had since spring.  I can deal with this though.  I had planned to close out the year running 10-13 miles on New Year’s Eve but those plans have been canceled.  I do have good running news though…

I have found a new loop that I like very much, the five mile loop.  I ran it three times this week.  It felt like I was running slowly and I didn’t care.  I was out there because I had lots of time to do whatever I wanted and I wanted to run!  Exploring a new route was very fun.  It’s a good route distance wise.  It has a few minor hills but I wish it had more.  I like training on hills because it makes flat races that much easier.  Each time I ran the 5 mile loop I recorded times in the low 8 minute per mile range.  Each time I didn’t look at my watch until I finished and each time I was shocked to see 40:XX:XX on my watch.  It’s just crazy to think that I posted those times without pushing myself.  Perhaps the route measurement isn’t all that accurate…or perhaps my other routes aren’t measured very accurately?

I ran with new headphones and tights.  The tights unfortunately were not as warm as I had hoped.  They will still be very useful though.  I can wear them when the temps are in the high 20s and in the 30s.  When it dips lower I’ll have to wear pants over the top of them.  That should be fine as the pants won’t irritate my skin as they will rub on the tights and not my legs.  My new headphones are great.  They are very comfortable and they don’t pop out of my ears like my old ones did.  I’m very glad my old headphones died.  I also wore a thick warm top that I’ve had for a long time but never considered for running.  It works very well.  I wear that on top of one tech shirt.  I produce a lot less laundry that way!


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