The New Gear

I ran too much during the week or so that I took off near the holidays. I developed a minor case of shin splints. I took some time off to allow my shins to heel. I used to have bad problems with shin splints and I do not relish the thought of reliving those days. It’s so much more fun to just run and not be constantly evaluating the pain in your legs.

On my birthday I received even more excellent winter running gear from my wife including:

I tried all of this gear out the evening of Friday January 4th. I ran the 3.2 mile loop in the dark at about 7:30 PM.

I tried to run at a reasonably slow pace. In fact I chose the 3 mile loop over the 5 mile loop just to give my shins a break. Still it was hard to go slow and I ended up running the loop the second fastest I’ve ever run it with an average pace of 7:43!

The highlight of the run was my new gear. Everything was awesome. Finally I feel reasonably safe running at night. The headlight lights the way so that I don’t trip in pot holes or PRKs (PRK is far more prevalent at night). The light is bright and incredibly light at 2.75 ounces or so. It was so light that I checked to make sure it was still on my head a couple of times! You can adjust the angle of the lamp which comes in very handy. It took a little experimentation to find the angle that was just right. I wanted to be looking ahead but have the road close to my feet illuminated.

The new tights were plenty warm. It was about 25 out. With the tights and my wind briefs and was quite comfortable. Actually, for the first time it was my core and not my legs that was cold! I wore only one tech shirt and my thick outer shirt over that. After a mile or so I was warm. The wind briefs kept my goodies warm and cozy even with moderate wind.

The reflective vest made me (presumably) visible to cars. That’s good because most of my winter clothing is black. It’s not that I’m choosing black (as I did as a teenager) it’s just that my warm stuff is black. I have a black beanie (aka a hat), a black outer shirt, black tights. The tights are reflective but I’m not sure how much of them is reflective. I’m betting on just the piping but I could be wrong. My gloves and shoes are a nice bright green/yellow. My head lamp is green/yellow too but it’s mostly black. I did intentionally get a lamp that coordinated with the rest of my gear. When I’m running I like wearing flashy colors. That’s not like me. Running has changed me considerably.


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