A Humbling Run

Last night I was given a gift. It was 55 degrees outside in Rochester, NY in January. Such weather can mean only one thing — a long run! I ran the Rowe Half, a 13 mile out-and-back route.

I haven’t been putting in very many miles this winter. Apparently my mind didn’t know that. In my head I thought I could easily run 20 miles if I felt like it and the weather were above 40 degrees. Last night my body reminded my mind that long runs are hard work that require preparation. My body further told my mind that doing a long run with a mild fever, sore throat, and headache usually is a bad idea. My mind knew that much but couldn’t resist the nice weather.

The run, as you may have guessed, was difficult. Even with the assistance of my head lamp I kicked what I think was a piece of 2×4 with my right foot. It hit my big toe fairly squarely. I heard the wood skid off the sidewalk of the bridge onto the roadway. This was almost exactly 1 mile into my run. I tried very hard not to limp and I think I did a good job, probably because it wasn’t all that painful after the initial contact.

After about half-way I had…minor intestinal issues… I was uncomfortable and getting tired from the run but, even if I had the option, I wouldn’t have cut the run short. The only thing that would have cut last nights run short was if that car by the church actually hit me. It was close but there was no contact.

In the end I was happy to have completed the run, happy to have had the weather, happy to have a wife that understands my need to spend 2-3 hours running on a weeknight, happy to not have been struck by a car, happy with my time, and humbled by the experience.

If you’re wondering it took me 1:54:07, an 8:47 average pace.


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