Yes, I'm Still Running

If you watch my stats on the right side of the web page you might think that I’ve stopped running. OK, chances are that I’m just about the only one that pays that much attention to the stats. I’m still running and I’m still logging my miles I’m just not doing it on the Runner’s World Training Log anymore. I discovered, somewhat by accident, a better training log named RunningAHEAD. The training log is actually the same software that is used on the Runner’s World site. Runner’s World licensed the software  but the author of the software continues to develop it on his own site. So what makes the his site better?

  1. He’s continuing to develop it. 
  2. For all of you GPS junkies out there importing and exporting of GPS data will be available in the next release of RunningAHEAD.
  3. He listens to suggestions and bug reports.
  4. He communicates with his users even though he has quite a few to communicate with.
  5. He provides importing (limited right now but the next version is better) and exporting of data.  The Runner’s World version allows exporting of data but that doesn’t include the GPS coordinates used on the routes that you may have created.  The Runner’s World version also does not export strength training information.
  6. His site is ad free.
  7. Did I mention that he seems like a really nice guy who listens to his users?

I ran a tempo run yesterday.  That was my first run that I entered into the new log.  I will eventually import all of my old data from the Runner’s World site into RunningAHEAD but I can’t do that until the new version of RunningAHEAD is rolled out.  My goal when I set out was to get a new PR for the Rowe Quarter.  Alas, it was not to be.  I was running into the wind for all but 3/4 of a mile.  I didn’t let the wind get me down even though I knew it wasn’t likely that I could get a new PR in those conditions.  I came close with a 52:41, an 8:07 pace.  My record is a 52:28 (8:05 pace) that I set on 12/15/2007.  I also ran on Friday doing an easy 3.2 mile loop at an 8:38 pace.


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