Let There Be Light

Yesterday I was very happy to see some sunlight! It’s been much sunnier in February than it was in January. Sunshine makes me happy. I mean that quite literally. After spending a few hours in the car on Sunday I was happy to get out for a run. It was 37 degrees and sunny which seemed like a nice combination. I didn’t know it was windy!

I ran 12 mile with my average pace amounting to about a 9 minute mile. That’s just about right for what I think I should be doing for long runs. During the run I had to stop at McDonalds to pee. I looked at my watch and I was shocked at my time. I thought I had gone about 5 miles but my watch said 53 minutes. That’s close to an 11 minute mile which is far from my recent paces. I wondered about the time but accepted it as my legs hurt and I had been running slowly, I didn’t think I had run that slowly though. Later Mary pointed out to me that McDs is at the 6 mile mark and not the 5 mile mark. Mystery solved!

The wind made me cold and that made me a little unhappy. I was happy to see sunlight but couldn’t help being uncomfortable in the cold. Running might just be the driving factor to get me to move to a better climate. Life is too short to be shivering in the dark!

On Saturday I’m going to run Buffalo’s Shamrock Run with Mark and John. I’m looking forward to it very much. It’s either an 8k or a five mile run. I’m not sure which and there’s little difference between the two distances anyhow. I’ll probably run Johnny’s Running O’ the Green. In April I’m running the Spring Forward Distance Run (15k).

In May I’ll be running the Grand Island 1/2 Marathon (they have an almost non-existent web presence). Hopefully my sister-in-law Emily will also run that race. That race is interesting, they are giving out different medals depending on finish time. If you are a male and finish in 1:30 or better you get a gold medal. If you finish in 1:45 or better you get a silver medal. All other times get a bronze medal. If you are female you have an extra 15 minutes (1:45 for gold, 2:00 for silver). I really want one of those silver medals! I know I can do it but it won’t be easy!


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