A Great Week Running

I had an incredible week for running.

I’ve started running during my lunch break. This is great for many reasons. First it makes it much easier to increase my mileage. Second, and more importantly, it’s better use of my time. On many nights I don’t feel the need to go for a run after work. This gives me more free time. A half hour each day doesn’t sound like much but it certainly feels like a lot!

On Friday night I set out for a tempo run. I ran the Rowe Quarter with the goal of breaking 52 minutes for the 6.5 mile course, an 8 minute pace. I’ve tried numerous times and never quite broken 52 minutes. I felt more confident Friday night and rightly so. I completed the run in 48:46, a 7:31 pace! My shins hurt during this run (in a good, sore muscle sort of way) which made me even more surprised at the time I put in.

On Sunday I ran the Rowe Half in the afternoon. I’d run a lot during the week and I had no desire to push myself to run fast. Besides you aren’t supposed to push yourself for speed on long runs. I ended up running the course in 1:48:05, an 8:19 pace. This is the fastest I’ve run this route and I’ve run it numerous times.

I also broke my weekly mileage record. I ran 42.3 miles over 6 runs.

I even got to cheer on John for his 6k PR at the Thompson Health 6k.

This coming Saturday is the Grand Island Half Marathon. I hope to break my PR of 1:44:14 and earn a silver medal for the run. This Wednesday registration opens for the Marine Corps Marathon if I could sleep out on a sidewalk to get a registration spot I would. Luckily for me registration is web based so there isn’t any uncomfortable waiting in line but there are no guarantees that I’ll get a spot.


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