2008 Fast and the Furriest 10k

Yesterday I ran the 2008 Fast and the Furriest 10k road race. This event has a 10k road race followed by a 1 mile dog walk. They are different events. The runners don’t have to walk dogs to complete the race. šŸ™‚

This was my second 10k. The first one, the Dorschel Madd Dash, I didn’t run as a race but rather just as a training run with John last year. I had forgotten until yesterday that I had run the Madd Dash and so I thought this was a guaranteed PR. It wasn’t but I knew I could beat my previous 10k time.

It was raining in the morning before the race which likely kept attendance low. I brought a garbage bag as a make-shift rain coat which was completely unnecessary. It wasn’t cold so there was little need to keep dry. It’s not like I was going to run with a garbage bag on when the race started regardless of rain.

I lined up with Corey shortly before the race start. We had wanted to pee one last time before the race but the lines for the porta-potties were too long. There weren’t good places for guys to pee outside so I just hoped I wouldn’t need to pee during the race (which is not uncommon for me).

The course was nice. It started near Frontier Field and followed some of the Rochester Marathon course in reverse. The bulk of the route was along the Genesee River. We started in the west side of the river and came up the east side. On the west side of the river I was surprised at how much vegetation there was. I could have peed there if I needed too!

During the race I saw “chronic snot rocket man.” He tried to blow snot rockets every 2-3 minutes. He wasn’t very good at it. If he were good he wouldn’t have had to do it so often. He must have had a stubborn booger clinging for dear life. For a big portion of the race I ran behind a young runner and someone that I thought might have been his older brother. I couldn’t believe how good this kid was! My run wasn’t easy and I wasn’t catching up with these two. Along the route I also came across the guy I met while running in Chili. After I confirmed that he was the same person he gave me some words of encouragement and I passed him. He said he was struggling.

For the first part of the course I was running at about a 7:30 pace +/- a few seconds. That was pretty much my goal. At the 5k mark my stopwatch read a few seconds shy of 23 minutes. My unofficial goal was to break 45 minutes. I thought I could do it but I also knew there was a good chance that I couldn’t. I ran well in the first half. I was concerned about running the first half too hard. Based on the people around me I felt like I was slow because they were doing so well! That all changed between 3 and 5 miles. People started slowing down and I started to speed up. I don’t remember anyone passing me after the halfway point. I passed a number of people and almost every single person gave me words of encouragement.

I rounded the corner approaching the finish where I saw Mary, Marie, and Cassie. I kicked it up a notch trying to get as good of a time as possible. I stared at the clock as I reached the finish hoping that I could do it in under 45 minutes. I did, just barely, at 44:54 (a 7:14 average pace).

When I finally made my way over to check the official results I was shocked. It looked like I finished second in my age group! I wasn’t sure, even after double checking. It turns out that I had! I won a $25 gift certificate! I guess this makes me a professional athlete. Subtracting out the $18 registration I made $7. I’m working on my resignation letter for my day job.

I finished 24th out of 204 finishers. I finished 17th out of 106 males, and 2nd out of 13 in my age group (25-29). I really came in 3rd because the overall 3rd place finisher was in my age group.

Official results are here (overall) and here (age group).



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