The PRK that Should Not Be

This morning I set out for my weekly long run. I did set out to run my usual route, the Rowe Half, at about 7 AM. The weather was great! It was about 70 and “partly sunny.” There were more clouds than sunshine but it was very comfortable for the entire run. It was humid but 70 degrees and humid isn’t a big deal.

Since it is now summer there’s plenty of roadkill. I saw what I think was an o’possum. At least it may have been one…some time ago. At this point it’s just a twisted mess of leathery furry grossness that has left a stain on the road. It’s not easy to stain asphalt! I also witnessed an alarming PRK (phantom road kill). PRKs are never pleasant but they are somewhat easy to deal with. Holding your breath while running isn’t fun but it’s necessary sometimes. What frightened me about this PRK was that I witnessed it running past the butcher shop.

As for living animals I saw a few cyclists, a bunch of walkers, and one runner. When I see runners I always wonder about them. Are they going for a long run? Do they run the same distance every day? Are they just starting their run or are they near the end or the middle? Are they thinking the same thing about me? Do I look creepy because I’m probably staring at them waiting for my opportunity to wave?

I should have stopped running after 13 miles but kept going. I kept going because I had a record mileage week and I was so close to getting a 50 mile week that I decided I had to do it regardless of what my body was telling me. To get to 50 miles I’d have to run just shy of 17 miles. I decided to shoot for 18 by adding the two mile loop and the three mile loop. I ran the two mile loop first because I don’t like it much. By the time I finished the two mile loop I decided that I wanted the run to be over sooner rather than later so I ran the two mile loop a second time bringing my total run to 17 miles and my weekly mileage to 50.4 miles and my monthly mileage to 186.5 miles. Both are records for me. I nearly ran as many miles this week as I did in the entire month of January!

I finished the run today in 2:20:56, an 8:18 pace. Consider that I raced yesterday I’m really happy with this time!

If I can keep this up until MCM this October I’ll be in really good shape. I wish MCM were sooner! I’m in much better shape than I’ve ever been in. I feel ready for a marathon right now but I’m going to have to wait until the end of October.


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