And so it Begins!

Today was the first scheduled day of my training for the 2008 Marine Corps Marathon!  I’m already deviating from the schedule.  Last week I was running and had to stop a few times from the pain.

I’ve been running a lot in the last month and I thought I was invincible.  I should have been invinsible too.  You see I found a block floating in the sky that had a flashing question mark on it.  I jumped up and punched it and a star with a face came out.  I grabbed the star before it bounced away and then I was running super fast and nothing hurt.  Somehow that star wore off but I kept running super fast and super far.  My shins decided that they’d let me know that I wasn’t invincible.  The pain was enough to stop me in my tracks a few times on a 7 mile run.  I decided that I needed to back off, especially with the boilermaker coming in about a week.

I shouldn’t have gone on that run where I had the pain.  I knew that I needed rest but it was pouring rain outside!  You’d think that would keep me away but it had the opposite effect.  I didn’t want the high-noon runners club at work to think that I was wimping out because of a little rain.  Surely they wouldn’t believe that I didn’t run just because I needed to rest.  In a way I’m glad I went for the run because it reminded me how fun it is to run in the rain!  I felt like some sort of warrior running as I ran through the woods with rain pouring over my face.

This past weekend I skipped my long run and had a full four days with absolutely no running, limited weight lifting, and lots of RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) for my shins.  I also used good old vitamin I to help things along.

Today was supposed to be a 9 mile easy run.  I decided it would be a max of 7 miles as I tested out my shins.  When I headed out today I was pleasantly surprised that there was no pain!  My shins felt strange but they didn’t hurt.  Hopefully things will stay that way!

Today also happened to be 90 degrees out when I hit the canal path.  I really had no idea it was that hot out.  I thought it was about 80 because I hadn’t checked the weather before I left.  The water fountain located about 2.5 miles into the run was fantastic.  It was even better on the return leg of the out and back route.  In fact I drank from the spigot since it was easier to do and I wanted water on my head.

Not only did I not bring water but I also forgot to bring soap, shampoo, and deoderant.  I realized this before the run but I wasn’t about to let stinkage for the second half of the work day stop me.  I already skipped a run due to a stupid injury.  Neither soap nor shampoo nor deoderant shall stop this runner!  I’m hoping the rest of my training goes better than this!

My training plan is ambitious but I think it will be good.  I’m using it as a guide but not as law.  I will deviate from the plan as I already have.  Besides, there’s little chance that I’ll find the time or the desire to run 30-40 miles while on vacation.  Yeah, I’ll want to run but probably not that much.


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