2008 Father Murphy 5k

On Friday August 1st I did two things I don’t usually do.  I got to see an old friend and I ran a 5k, the Father Murphy 5k.  I don’t usually run 5ks because I tend to prefer longer races.  It’s just not a good value paying $20 for 20-30 minutes of racing!  Three times now I have splurged and run 5ks.  The first time I wasn’t yet a runner and threw up before I finished the race.  The second time was at Geneseo on a hilly course.  This time the course wasn’t as hilly and it was on my home turf.  The race was about 1.5 miles from my house and was partly in an area that I run often.  Before the race I warmed up by running for a little while.  I think I ran for 10-15 minutes before the race.  Lately I’ve been running a 7 mile out and back course on the Erie Canal.  I’ve noticed that the return leg is almost always faster and more comfortable.  Also all of the fast runners warm up before 5ks so I thought I’d try it.  I think it worked.

I had a great race.  I ran the first mile in 6:45, the second in 6:40 and the final 1.1 miles in 7:08 (6:30 pace).  Weeks after the race I still can’t believe that I ran negative splits and that I finished in 20:33, a PR.  I finished third in my age group and 28th overall.

One of my long term running goals is to run a 5k under 20 minutes.  I’m certain that I will accomplish this but it’s going to take a while still.  30 seconds is a lot of time for a short race.

Mary, John, and Dan all ran too which made things even more fun.  Mary ran a great race.  She’s making progress in her times and is getting close to her “pre-pregnancy” pace.  John ran with Dan pushing him to run faster.  Dan also got a pee argh.  The official results are here.

Special thanks to my parents who watched Cassie while Mary and I ran the race and stuck around while we waited for awards and door prizes.  I won a shirt large enough to use as a boat sail.  Mary won a gift card to Tim Hortons.

I liked this race.  I might run it again next year.



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