2008 Rochester Marathon and Half Marathon

Mary- happy to finish her first Half Marathon

On Sunday September 14th 2008 Mary finished her first half marathon!  She’s run the distance before, actually she’s run farther than that before just never in a race.  The 2008 Rochester Marathon was on a warm and humid day.  It was a tough day for all of the runners.  …And there were a lot of runners that we knew.

The Rowe presence at the race was insane.  Donna, Mary, and I all ran the half marathon.  Molly, our niece, finished her first kids marathon with her dad (my brother Tom)!  Yes, that’s 5 Rowes a Running.  Soon Molly will be beating all of us old people at the races.  Joining the Rowe clan for the race was my brother-in-law Mike, John, Mark, the Hitchhiker, Jeff, and Jim.  Those were just the runners!  Our support crew included Linda, my Mom, my Dad, my Brother, my sister-in-law, my nephews, Chris, Kerry, Dave, and the Andaloras.  I’ve probably forgotten people; we had a lot of support!

Mary, Mike, Donna, Greg

It was already 70 and humid when the full marathon started at about 7:30.  At around 8:30 or 9 the sun poked out and it got significantly warmer but it didn’t feel any less humid.  It was a difficult day for distance running and the finishing times for the race reflected that.

Mike opted to stop running the marathon after 17 miles.  Faced with knee pain it was the smart thing to do.  Jim (a friend from work) finished his first marathon in about 5:45.  Jeff finished his second marathon and is looking towards his next.  The rest of us ran the half.

Mary finished her first half in 2:32, a PR!  Donna finished in 2:11.  John finished with a new PR at 1:48:52.  Mark finished in 1:41:29.  I think that’s a PR for Mark but it is deceiving.  He ran a 1:38 (or so) during the first half of the Buffalo Marathon.  He just runs faster when he’s got more ground to cover I guess!

After the race most of the people mentioned above came back to our house for a post-race celebration.  It was great.  We just chilled out and talked about the race and ate whatever we wanted because we ran a half marathon (or more for some people!).

The picture at the top is of Mary looking great coming through the finish.

The pictures below are, in order: Donna finishing strong, the blinding light of my bald spot, John finishing for a PR, and Molly after completing her first kids marathon!

DonnaGregJohnMollly after completing her 1st kids Marathon



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