It's not all Lollypops and Gumdrops

The other day I was very sad.  My foot has been bothering me a lot since the race on Sunday.  I have plantar fasciitis in my left foot.  So far it’s not been that bad — I could easily run with it.  Recently I started to worry that it might affect my training and, more importantly, possibly keep me from running Marine Corps. or keep me from running my best.

Like many runners I’m a slave to my training plan.  I know it’s stupid but I feel compelled to do at least what the training plan calls for.  I don’t modify it very much.  So, being a stupid runner, I ran 11 miles on a painful foot. 

I worried right from the start if I was being just stupid or being really stupid.    When I started I was almost, but not quite, limping.  I very nearly stopped the run.  That would have been devastating to me.  After about two miles my foot didn’t hurt too badly.  In fact I’d say that it almost didn’t hurt at all!  I finished the 11 mile run and my foot actually felt better at the end than when I started!  That made me feel a lot better.

Still, I was worried.  I knew that the pain would come back.  Due to previous plans my 20+ mile run that I’d normally run on a Sunday was pushed up to Saturday giving me less rest than usual — and my foot could use some rest.  The pain did come back but not nearly as bad as prior to the run.  The pain was intense enough that I started to treat it properly.  I started icing it, stretching more frequently, and taking Vitamin I as necessary.

Saturday morning came and I didn’t want to go out on my run but I did.  My foot hurt nearly every step of the way for nearly  21.5 miles and 2 hours and (almost) 55 minutes (an 8:09 pace).  Not only did my foot hurt but I got very tired by the end of the run.  This run was better than the first 20+ mile run I did training for MCM but worse than the one ran two weeks ago.  I just didn’t have the energy at the end that I had hoped for.  I had hoped to run as far as about 24 miles but it just wasn’t happening.

I’m not disappointed.  My foot hurt.  I wasn’t trying to run super fast.  I was on the tail end of a record mileage week (54.6 miles).  I had been very tired during the week due to all of the running.  I ran a half marathon PR less than a week prior.  After the run my foot felt far better than when I started.  As I write this all down I can’t help but feel really good about this run!  Still, my foot is a concern.

The next day I volunteered at the Finger Lakes Triathlon (where John completed his first sprint tri!).  I was on my feet all morning which was not good for my feet right now.  Oh well.  I have a full day of rest tomorrow and I’m on a cut-back week.  My longest run this week is 11 miles.  11 miles was my shortest run last week!  I should get some decent rest for my foot this week and the icing and stretching and stuff should really help.

I have only one more intense week of training before my taper starts!  Next week is a cut-back week (all easy runs).  The next week is the longest planned week at 54 miles (I’ll likely end up with 56 or more miles).  After that it’s all downhill until October 26th!


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