Less Than 1 Week

As I write this there are less than 5 days, and 20 hours until the start of the 2008 Marine Corps Marathon.  Looking back through my training log I can see that I started training for this race in early May.  That’s pretty close to 6 months of training and a mile or two shy of 1000 miles.  I’m nervous because I’ve put in so much effort.  I want to do the best I can and I don’t want anything stupid to prevent me from doing my best (like forgetting my sneakers or getting lost or any number of things).

The nerves and the extra energy from the taper are making me a bit cranky.  I snapped at Mary yesterday for no good reason. A nice strong cocktail helped calm me down but I’m not going to have any more alcohol this week.  Alcohol messes up my sleeping patterns.  So to all who come in contact with me this week: I’m sorry I’m nervous and irritable and if when I’m a jerk it’s not you.

My “long” run yesterday was really good with the exception that it was 31.2 degrees out.  At that temperature even water doesn’t want to move.  I wore 4 layers of clothing and was surprisingly comfortable.  This week is supposed to be cold.  I hope I don’t acclimate to this weather!  The weather in DC is currently predicted to be a high of 70 with rain.  Since the race is run in the morning I expect it to be much cooler than 70.  If it rains I hope it doesn’t happen until after the race starts.  All things considered this could be very good weather for me since I prefer warmer weather.  Still, I think I perform best in the mid 50s.  I can’t worry about the weather because it is not in my control but I can worry about preparing for the weather with proper clothing.

I’m going to plan for the trip using the time that I’m NOT spending running.  I have only 3 runs planned between now and the marathon for a total of 13 miles.


2 responses to “Less Than 1 Week

  1. Hi Greg-
    My name is Michael Limback and am from Golden,CO. I stumbled on your blog while doing some nervous MCM web serfing. I am running the MCM for the second time this Sunday. If it is not raining too hard i think the weather will be great. The best of luck to you!
    BTW where do you live that it is 31.2 degrees?!

  2. Michael,

    As of this morning they are predicting clouds for the morning and sun in the afternoon with a daytime high of 70. That weather sounds pretty good to me!

    I’m from Rochester, NY. This past Sunday it was unseasonably cold in the morning though it warmed up to around 50 in the afternoon. I went for my run at 8 AM when it was still quite cold.

    Good luck on Sunday!


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