Winter Running

It’s been nearly a month with not a peep coming from “The Rowes.”  How can that be?  Have we been sitting around doing nothing but watching TV?  Nope.  We’ve been sitting around, watching TV, hitting the weights, running, and probably other things too (but besides Cassie, the gym, running, and TV what else is there really?).

This month brought winter running conditions.  Mostly I don’t like winter running but there are some saving graces.  This November has been particularly wintery.  That doesn’t make me happy but I’ve had great runs and bad runs too.

The cold weather isn’t fun.  It makes it hard to get out the door.  Who wants to leave a 70 degree (err, in our case 55-65 degree) home to be outside for a couple hours?  The good news is that with probably any temperature if you have the right clothing it’s not that bad.  It may take 20 minutes to put on 3-5 long sleeve tech shirts, an outer layer, a reflective vest, wind briefs, tights, shorts, socks, sneakers, hat, and gloves but once you do all that it’s not too bad.  OK it is bad.  It’s bad at first.  The first mile or two are usually cold and not very fun at all.  After that things warm up (thaw) and things can become good and even great.

And there’s other good things about running in the winter.  Snow.  Snow is very fun to run in.  It’s a very cool experience to run with big fluffy flakes coming down in the dark under street lights.  It’s surreal but nice (movie reference!).

One great run that comes to mind was with John and Julie.  We went to the hill workout at Fleet Feet.  It was snowy, not bitterly cold, and in the dark.  The company was great and the run was great and the scenery was awesome.  I ran with John and Julie for a while but continued on to run a couple extra miles.  I picked up the pace and had a great time.

Some runs this month have been terrible.  I love my mizunos but I curse them in wet snow.  The snow accumulates into ice chunks in the cavity of the wave plate at the heal.  The cavity is what absorbs the shock and filling it with ice make for very uncomfortable running.  Once the cavity fills snow and ice accumulate until you have 1 inch heals.  I don’t usually run in high heals.  I don’t usually wear high heals at all.  I don’t like it.

Though I prefer running in the summer I’m dealing with the winter as best I can.  In fact this November was the second longest month I’ve ever run at just over 200 miles.  This week I ran 6 days and the smell emenating from my tights can prove it.  Mary also put in her second longest month.  I’m not sure how many degrees below 30 I can take before I head indoors to the treadmill but I intend to find out.


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