2008 Jingle Bell Run

On Saturday 12/7/2008 I ran my third 5k.  I ran the 2008 Jingle Bell Run.  It is a pretty large 5k at around 800 runners.  John ran the race and Corey and Marie came along to cheer us on and be our Running Moms for the morning.   I had fun running the race.

I had hoped to PR.  I hoped to break 20 minutes as that is one of my long term running goals.  Alas it was not to be.  I arrived nice and early and took some time to warm up before the race by gently running a couple of miles.  When the race started I was nice and comfortable even though I had given my jacket and wind pants to my Running Mom.  John on the other hand was shivering.  It was about 20 degrees out and there was a slight wind.  It was COLD!

The course is nice.  It’s simple and relatively flat.  The first mile was marked but no other mile markers existed.  I ran the first mile in 6:37 which was pretty far behind the 6:25 pace I needed to run the race in 20 minutes.  I knew even before the race that I probably wouldn’t break 20 minutes but I still hoped that I might surprise myself.  My legs were in rough shape due to putting in a fair amount of miles with little rest.

The muscles on my shins were on FIRE!  They just weren’t working right.  I couldn’t get the speed I needed.  During the race I kept thinking that the second mile was really long and I was right — without a mile marker I really had no idea how well I was doing.  When we came out onto the final stretch I looked at my watch.  It read 19:15.  I knew, based on the distance I had to go, that there was no way I’d finish before 20 minutes.  Still I picked up the pace to get as close as I could.

I passed a handful of people and crossed the finish line.  For the very first time I finished a race with a shirt on.  I broke my tradition.  This was also the second race I’ve ever run where I didn’t set a PR.  Oh well.  It wasn’t a surprise and I wasn’t disappointed.  I know that I need to start doing speedwork if I want to get my times down.  Now is the right time because I actually want to do the speedwork!

I finished in 20:57 a 6:45 average pace.  I finished fourth in my age group and 47th overall.



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