2009 Buffalo Shamrock Run

Again this year I participated in the 2009 Buffalo Shamrock Run. I’m not calling it a race because the race is just something they do out there in Buffalo to start the party! In Buffalo they really have a good time. I think that running is secondary for Buffalonians!

I had a great race. In the weeks leading up to the race my legs were hurting and I wasn’t very happy with my running. I cut back a bit and rested a lot the week prior to the race.

It is said that if you don’t like the weather in Western NY wait 5 minutes. That was true for this years race. I was expecting warm weather and wore shorts. I left my gloves and most of my other clothing in my car. Just as the race was starting it started to rain. The rain only got stronger through the race and after the finish. It got mighty cold being soaked to the bone in 40 degree temps with thin running gear!

I don’t know if my race could have gone any better. I wasn’t expecting a PR. I wanted to run at least 7:30 minute miles. Usually when I’m running well the mile markers sneak up on me. In contrast the first mile of this race felt like it took forever! When I looked at my watch I was shocked to see it had only been 7 minutes. That ended up being my slowest mile of the entire 8k!

My splits were:
1st mile 6:58
2nd mile 6:57
3rd mile 6:53
4th mile 6:45
last .97 miles 6:14

It’s weeks later as I write this and I still can’t get over my performance on the last .97 miles. I love racing. Once again I found myself looking up at the sky (even though it was gray and raining) thankful to be out there and feeling just plain euphoric.

If I were forced to pick out something bad about that day I’d have to say it was my right shin. The muscles on the front of my shin were incredibly tight for the entire race and forced me to limp after the race. I haven’t had a problem since.

My official chip time was 33:43 a 6:47 average pace. That’s close to my 5k PR pace of 6:37! I came in 165 (based on chip time, not the official gun time) out of almost 3,000 runners.

Besides having an incredible day on the race course I had tons of fun before and after the race with John and Mark. I’m already looking forward to the event for 2010.



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