Incredible 16 Mile Run

I haven’t been posting much about my training runs (or my “choo choo” runs as my daughter calls them). For one thing I run about 4 times per week and that would be tedious. For another thing it’s boring for even me to read. I do post about them once in a while so that I can look back and see what things were like. I’ve looked back at my posts when I was first becoming a runner and I really enjoy getting back into that mindset. I’d be doing a disservice to myself if I didn’t at least post about the highlights and lowlights (if that’s a word).

Last Sunday I had an amazing 16 mile long run. I’ve been trying to turn my typical 13 mile long run into a 16 mile long run. I want to be as confident in 16 miles as I’ve become with 13 miles. I’ve been setting out planning on 13 and hoping to do 16. In most cases I’ve been able to do 16 with varying degrees of success. Last Sunday I had a lot of success!

It was in the mid 50s and overcast. That’s near perfect running weather but I didn’t want to leave the house because I was cold and I knew it was going to rain during my run. It did rain and it was slightly uncomfortable but only when the rain stopped and my legs got cold.

I ran my normal 16 mile route, the Rowe Half with the 3 mile loop added at the end. At each major point of the route I record a split. Those points are my parents house, my street, and the finish. On Sunday I just kept getting faster and I felt great for nearly the entire run. I ran the first 6.5 miles in 52:04 (about an 8 minute mile). This included the time I spent doubled over in pain from a horrible side stitch. The next 6.4 miles I ran in about 48:30. The last 3.1 miles I ran in about 22 minutes! I pushed myself to run fast in the last miles. I finished the entire run in 2:02:33 which is a 7:40 average pace!

I know she’ll never see this but I’d like to thank the woman that stopped to make sure I was OK when I was doubled over because of the side stitch. I was OK and I kept running (it was only a little more than 6 miles into the run afterall!) but it’s good to know that there are people out there that care.


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