Yin and Yang

People say the only constant is change.  I’ll add to that to say that things change in cycles.  A few months ago I was super excited about working my butt off to qualify for the Boston Marathon.  But things happen.  Things change.  I haven’t given up on this goal but I was close.  Some things changed in my life that not only made running a lower priority but also made it less enjoyable for me.  Running became a chore when it had been something that caused me extreme joy.  I don’t think I’ll ever forget running the Miami Half Marathon in January of 2009.  I felt pure ecstasy during that race and I continue to run searching out another high like that one.

I haven’t given up.  I’m still running.  I took about a week off while I was on vacation.  I took a break from everything.  I ran only 6 miles, I ate whatever I felt like at any time of the day.  I didn’t exercise.  I tried not to worry about anything.  It should have been refreshing but I started to physically feel like garbage.

But things happen in cycles right?  Last Sunday I went went for a long run even though I badly didn’t want to.  It was late at night (7:00 PM), I was tired, and I wasn’t in a good mental state.  Mary encouraged me to get out the door and I did.  I’m very glad I did.  I had a fantastic run.  It was supposed to be 20 miles with the last 10 at marathon goal pace (7:15 per mile).  The first 10 miles were effortless and went by quickly.  The last 10 felt great too.  I ran faster than I thought I possibly could on a 20 miler.  My average pace for the entire run was 7:16!  If I could run 7:16 during a marathon I can qualify for Boston!  I didn’t think I could hold such a fast pace and feel so good for so long.  When I finished I felt like I could have kept going strong for another 3 miles.

I am hoping that there will be more ups than downs and that the ups will be steep and the downs gentle.  I’m hoping I can hold on to my motivation long enough to achieve my goal.  I think I can.  It won’t be easy but if it were it wouldn’t be worth trying.


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