2010 Miami Marathon


For the past three years I’ve made a trip to Florida to hang out with my sister and friends.  While there we’ve participated in the Miami Marathon and Half Marathon.  For the previous two years I ran the half marathon.  This year, having achieved my goal just 2 months prior I decided to change things up.  I upgraded to the full marathon with the intent of running 100% stress free.  I wouldn’t worry about my time.  I wouldn’t worry about what I was eating before the race (within reason of course).  I wouldn’t worry about anything!  …And that’s what I did.

OK there was one thing that bothered me.  I wasn’t smart enough to check my corral placement at the expo.  The Miami Marathon folks somehow managed to place me in corral I which is about 3 from the last corral.  I’m not sure how they managed to put me there.  I expected to finish the race in about 3:30 which would place me in a corral very close to the front (corral C).  It’s chip timed so who cares?  I’m sure some people are thinking that.  It still matters because if you are grouped with people slower than you you have to run around them constantly.  Being that far back I probably would have had to dodge people for the entire race.  I didn’t start in corral I and the race officials wouldn’t let me in corral C.  I’ll leave it at that.

I had a before, during, and after the race (except for getting upset about the corral mistake).  This was my fifth marathon but the first that I ran with a friend.  I ran with my friend Mark from the start of the race on through to mile 25.  At mile 25 I took off and a fast pace and finished the race with a kick!

During the race I:

  • Threw empty water cups at Mark — he threw a full one at me!
  • Offered to sing to Mark
  • Lovingly made fun of other race participants including imitations of the butt pendulum girl
  • Did my best to get the crowd going
  • Had to pee about 30 seconds after the gun went off

While I had a ton of fun running with no goal I think I enjoy racing a bit more.  I’m looking forward to training hard and pushing for a new PR at my next goal marathon in the fall.

The race was just an excuse to go to Florida.  We missed my friend John a lot during this trip but had some very memorable moments none the less including, but not limited to (this list was pilfered from my witty sister):

  • Mark washing what little hair he has with mouthwash
  • Me translating between Donna language and Mark language
  • Coral I?! WTF?!
  • Mark soiling my leg with mysterious liquid from the streets of Miami
  • Mark eating a burger the size of my face and washing it down with Ketchup “I’m better than you.”
  • Continuing to practice the butt pendulum even after the race
  • Offering to sing to Mark but being rejected
  • Oh, don’t worry the dog is only 10..”well I’m 34 and still afraid of animals”, Donna Rowe
  • The coconut award (clippity clop)
  • Donna rejecting water from a volunteer “No, I don’t want it.”
  • Waking up Mark (again) with the rooster ring tone
  • Corvette guy with “Bad Romance”
  • And…sigh…being asked if I had good eyesight.  I shall say no more in the public forum of the internet
  • A nearly complete Disney world experience in two days (see the delight of Mark hugging Mickey brought tears to my eyes)
  • A FEAST from Chef TJ at Ohana’s

Sadly I will not be running Miami in 2011.  I’ve registered for Disney’s Goofy’s Challenge which is 3 weeks prior.  I can’t afford to fly to Florida twice in 3 weeks.  I’ll go back to Miami in 2012 though!


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