2010 Spring Forward 15k

For the fourth year in a row I participated in the Spring Forward Distance Run. It’s a hilly 15k road race.

I’ve learned over the years not to expect a PR at this race. The only other 15k I’ve ever run is the Utica Boilermaker. The Boilermaker course is easy in comparison to this one. When I ran Spring Forward last year I had the rare pleasure of beating my Boilermaker time. This year that was not to be but I did do significantly better than my time on the same course from the previous year (2009 Boilermaker time was 1:02:19).

Going into the race I had been struggling with shin pain. I had been trying to ramp up my mileage but kept getting sidelined due to pain. I took a little bit of time off so that I would be healthy enough to run the race but more importantly to not be sidelined anymore! I even chose to run in my normal trainers instead of my racing shoes in the hopes that I would lessen the stress on my shins.

The weather was very good. I even ended up running the last third of the race shirtless! I know this course pretty well by now so there weren’t any major surprises out there. The only real surprise was when my friend Mark came up behind me in the first mile or so and grabbed my butt. Why oh why do we have these ridiculous racing traditions? I didn’t know he was there and he really startled me.

I finished the race in 1:05:03, exactly a 7 minute per mile pace. I would normally expect more out of myself for a 15k but this was a very good time considering the course. I bested my previous years time by about 2:30. Best of all my shins didn’t hurt during the race (though I battled them in the weeks to follow).


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