FSF Update

This weekend I “ran.” I easily passed the hop test for three days in a row.  I took the conservative route and gave myself one additional day of rest.  Then it was off to the track!

I walked briskly for 300 meters and then jogged very slowly all while wearing the air cast.  The first 100 m jog was OK.  After that I was noticing pain and it concerned me.  By the end I was rather disappointed.  I am not sure if these runs are supposed to be 100% pain free or not.  I am not the conservative type but I badly want to be running again and I’d rather miss a few days of running than risk missing a few weeks of running.  After the wog (walk/jog) my fracture area ached.  I worried and sulked while on my bike.

After about 30 minutes the aching in my leg disappeared and it felt better than ever for that afternoon.  In the evening it ached again but not as badly.

I’m afraid that the FSF isn’t any better after three weeks.  Sure, the 1 mile test run set me back, but I’m concerned that maybe this isn’t a SF.   I think I could have passed a hop test on day zero.  What else could cause such severe localized pain in my tibia?

To make my mood even worse I had to abort my long ride on Sunday due to knee pain.  I sound like such a baby but I could not pedal through that pain.  Next I will be attempting to  exercise in a pool.  If there is a way to injure yourself swimming I bet I’ll find it.


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