One Step Forward Five Steps Back

I was very happy yesterday.  Everything was going well.  I did “Day 2” of the recovery plan which included 1600 meters with 800 of them being jogged.  That “workout” felt much like Day 1.  My FSF ached a little but not much.  The ache diminished over a short period of time.  I was very encouraged because that was twice the running distance as the first day.

Later that night after the “run” I went to the pool to try deep water running and maybe learn to swim a little.  I ran in the water for just over an hour.  I am not a fan of this.  It was nearly impossible to get my heart rate up.  I could increase it slightly but I had to focus very hard on moving my limbs at a very high rate of speed.  Maybe I did something wrong because this just wasn’t a good workout at all.  I had resistance on my ankles and two flotation belts.  It was boring, time consuming, and didn’t feel effective in any way.

Discouraged by the lack of exercise I asked my good friends to start teaching me to swim.  I performed some drills and did OK in the short period of time that we had.  I got more exercise from (pseudo) swimming a half lap than I did from one hour of water running.  I also enjoyed swimming.  If I can learn to do it properly I might end up really enjoying it.

My FSF felt good in the pool.  I walked my fingers along the bone and felt little tenderness.  Sleeping was a different story.  I’m not certain that the FSF caused enough pain to keep me awake but I was certainly aware of it many times through the evening.  It’s not an acute pain, just a dull ache.  It aches as I type this.  I’m discouraged again.


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