Very Atypical

“Very atypical distal tibial stress fracture”  That’s what the doctor wrote on the script for the MRI.  I don’t like being atypical.  If I had a typical tibial stress fracture I would have been running by now.  But the truth is that I don’t know if I have a stress fracture.  As I said from the beginning half of my symptoms indicate a SF and half do not.  I have localized pain on the bone where most tibial SFs occur (and most SFs are tibial).  The pain came on rather abruptly.  I was running on a new surface and my intensity had increased.  The pain increases in the evening and a bit in the morning.  On the other hand I can hop without pain and that should cause serious pain (the vibration through the bone makes a SF hurt).  Also the pain disappears rather quickly.

For the last two weeks I’ve been treating this as a tibial stress fracture and have diligently worn the aircast leg brace.   With that brace I should have been running unrestricted in 3 weeks.  Unfortunately I feel like I haven’t made any progress.  I am pretty confident that I would be in extreme pain if I ran for just 1 mile.

Both the doctor and I are confused.  He took x-rays yesterday and they showed nothing out of the ordinary.  X-rays rarely show anything for a stress fracture until they have started to heal.  Even then many x-rays don’t show the fracture.  So the doctor ordered an MRI.  I was lucky enough to get the MRI done last night.  I won’t know the results until Monday afternoon.  The technician wasn’t allowed to show me the images.  He claimed it was illegal.


2 responses to “Very Atypical

  1. Did he mean that it was illegal to show you the MRI photos on the spot or that you can never see them?

    I have a copy of the MRI that I had on CD. I think they charged me something like $10 for it. It definitely is not illegal for you to have a copy of it.

  2. He meant that he, the technician, couldn’t show me the images because he’s not a doctor. I saw the images with the doctor and I’m sure, since they are images of my body, that I could acquire them if I paid for it.

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