540 Miles so Far

I’ve logged 540 miles on the bike since May 23.  That was exactly one week from the aborted long run that really was the day the injury set in (May 16th for the mathematically challenged).  That makes today more than 6.5 weeks from the initial injury.  Normally a stress fracture of this type would be OK to start running on by now — and mine might be.  However two weeks into the injury (May 28th) I was instructed by my doctor to try a run.  That was a horrible run that resulted in so much pain in one mile that it took me 20 minutes to limp home.  To be a little conservative I’m giving myself extra resting time by considering that day to be the onset of the injury.  It’s been 5 weeks since that day and I haven’t attempted to run at all.

In 1 week I will try to run again.  If it doesn’t feel right I will take an additional week off.


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