Not Ready Yet

I have bad news.  I’m not ready to start running yet.  Yesterday I watched the Musselman Half Iron Triathlon.  It was the first half for two of my close friends.  I ran a little bit as a spectator so I could catch them multiple times at transition and I also ran, briefly, with both of them at the ends of the race (bailing before the finish line of course).  Even this tiny bit of running caused discomfort.  I could feel it while I was running and I could feel it when I stopped.  It felt exactly like it has every single time I’ve tried to run on it since the onset of the injury.

Today the site of the injury is sensitive to the touch again — but just barely.  And it feels more sensitive along the bone than it does on the bone.  Thus it is possible that what I’m feeling is just scar tissue breaking up.  I’m not sure.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do.  I guess I’ll probably wait another week before running on it again.  I’m afraid that it won’t feel any different even then but that’s just my pessimism about this whole situation shining through.  I know that stress fractures take 6-8 weeks before you can run on them.  Even then they aren’t healed.  And 6-8 weeks is generally the minimum time.  I’m probably just not ready yet.  It sucks but crying about it isn’t going to make it heal any faster.

The good news that I have to report is that my 60+ mile ride this weekend was pretty good!  I rode alone from my home to the Musselman Half Iron Triathlon.  The route was hilly but I still managed to average about 15.5.mph.  For most any cyclist that is pretty slow but for me, for my bike, and for the route, it’s not half bad.  Plus I wasn’t trying to go fast.  At the beginning of the ride I avoided putting forth much effort because I didn’t want to suffer in the late miles.  Mentally I treated it just like a long run.

Along the ride I met two guys from Holland that were biking from Boston to LA!  Between those guys and all of the atheltes at the Half Iron I should have been motivated.  Instead I felt sad that I wasn’t participating (neglect for a moment the fact that I can’t swim and I’m horrible on the bike and that I can’t currently run without pain).


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