I'm Back and it's Time to Prove it

I did not run for 8 weeks.  I took 8 more weeks to build my mileage up ever so slowly.  For a little more than a week I have been an unrestricted runner.  I make the calls now.  I no longer have a recovery plan that I turn to for advice.

I’m left to wonder where my running ability is right now.  I wasn’t able to do the sort of training I had in mind this past spring.  I hope that I was able to maintain where I was at.  I hope that I haven’t lost much speed.  I ran a 13 mile long run last Sunday, the longest since May 1st!  That run went well.  I started slow and clunky but the second half was great.  I was running smooth and fast.  I felt like I could have easily done 16 but chose to be conservative and stop at 13.  This coming Sunday is the day I prove to myself that I can still run and run well.

My goal is to finish in under 1:30.  This might be a little ambitious but I’m not sure.  Last year I ran the same race, in ideal weather, in 1:24:59.  I was in great shape last year and do not expect to come close to that time this time.  Just before my injury I ran a 1:27:30 (ish) on a different course.  I feel like 1:30 should still be in my grasp.

For this race some Metallica lyrics shall serve as my inspiration: “You rise, you fall, you’re down then you rise again.”   Not the most eloquent lyrics and they could be bent for nearly any life situation but I’m bending them to my running.  It’s cheesy but I AM BACK.


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