The Next Phase

I feel like I’m entering the next phase of my running obsession/hobby.  At first it was an interesting challenge to see how far I could run at any given time.  Then I learned that I could actually complete a marathon.  Then I found that I could actually race a marathon and finish faster than I ever thought possible.  Then I wanted more.  I wanted to work as hard as I could handle.  I pushed and my body pushed back resulting in a summer recovering from a stress fracture.

Now I am healed but the desire to run faster and farther hasn’t gone away.  I’ve ramped my mileage up very quickly.  I ran my third longest month in October (252 miles) and my second longest week (67 miles) last week.  I’ve been feeling great but last week all of that running caught up with me in the form of fatigue.  I was in a sort of mental haze.  I’m trying very hard to listen to my body.  Most people use “listen to your body” as an excuse to slack off.  For me it’s not like that.  If I’m out running and I’m feeling good or just OK I’ll run a few extra miles.  But it goes the other way too.  Last week my body was warning me that bad things would happen if I didn’t take a break.  And so this week I am taking a cut-back week (reducing mileage rather significantly).

The real news is that I’ve started running with GVH.  I’m hoping that I can learn a few things by running with very accomplished and dedicated runners.  I’m also hoping that the coach, Mike Reif, can help me.  Maybe I push too hard sometimes?  Maybe sometimes not hard enough?  I trust that he has the experience to guide me.


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