New Clif Shots

I just received an order for gels today.  I’ve always liked Clif brand gels and though I’ve tried others I keep coming back.  I usually have a Double Expresso before my run and a Strawberry or two during the run.  I ordered a couple boxes and was excited to get one on closeout…though one should always be cautious when buying an edible product on closeout!

Apparently Clif has reformulated their gels.  They also have new packaging (the 24 count box is about half the size — and that’s good!).  The gels are supposed to be thinner in consistency.  I’ll reserve judgment on that until I try them.  I’ve always favored the consistency of Gu brand gels but didn’t care for the taste.  I’ve always disliked the overly runny consistency of Powerbar gels (and never cared for the taste).

Clif has also introduced two new flavors: citrus and chocolate cherry.  Citrus has 25mg of caffeine but chocolate cherry has 100 mg (just like Double Expresso).  I want to try both of these flavors but I need to find a local retailer.  My online source is per-box only.


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