Something Isn't Right

My run yesterday started fine.  I suppose it was even pretty good since I felt relatively smooth from the start.  I didn’t feel particularly fast but that was fine.  I planned to do a medium distance.  In the early stage of the run something felt wrong but I ignored it.  I ran, and ran.  After 8 miles of running I turned around to face another 8 miles back to my office.

I felt really good.  My legs were flying but I wasn’t tired.  I didn’t feel fatigue.  I was just running.  But still, something wasn’t right: Indy was not out on the canal yesterday.

Indy is the name I’ve given to a man that I cross paths with every single time I’m on the canal.  It’s short for Indiana Jones.  I make up names for all of the people I pass regularly.  There is no one more consistent than Indy.  I’m genuinely worried that something is wrong with him.

But more about me!  My run yesterday was the longest run I’ve done during my lunch “hour” at work.  I ran just over 16 miles!


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