Caffeine and Alcohol Unsafe?

WebMD is reporting that the FDA is warning some companies that caffeine added to their alcoholic beverages is unsafe.  I’m having trouble wrapping my head around this one.  Are they saying that the specific additive they use for the caffeine is unsafe or that combining caffeine and alcohol is unsafe?  If it’s the later then why haven’t throngs of drinkers that mix rum, whiskey, and all sorts of other liquors into caffeinated beverages faced problems?

Or maybe is the FDA jumping on the bandwagon of a hot topic?  It seems to me, the completely unqualified person watching at home, that the problem has nothing to do with the beverages and rather with how they have been abused by (gasp) some college students.  Can you imagine college students of all people abusing alcohol?  Hammers can be used to kill people and hammers have steel in them.  Should we warn crowbar manufacturers that they are aiding and abetting (un)known felons?


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