Had To Do Laundry

My run was not going well, to say the least.   But I was at least thankful that I was able to be running.  I did think about that at least one time when I wasn’t focused on my discomfort.  At another point my mind was taken away from my discomfort but I would have preferred being focused on being miserable.

Along a section that I run every Sunday there was a house.  With a dog.  The dog barked at me.  At first I didn’t care because dogs always bark at runners.  I think all dogs take an oath at birth to harass runners and mailmen.  But then I noticed a few things that made me soil my tights (that phrase sounds so un-manly!).  This wasn’t just a dog, it was a pit bull.  Pit bulls are the ill tempered sea bass of walking land.  Pit bulls mangle and kill people and this dog did not like that I was passing by his home.   Worse yet was the fact that there were no owners in sight and this beast was restrained by a laundry line leash.

I searched for ways to avoid my nearly inevitable death.  No humans were around but there was enough traffic that I would probably get help before that thing ripped my throat out with it’s locking jaws.  I scanned for other means of survival.  I saw a tree that I could probably scramble up into if necessary.  I searched for the closest homes and visualized myself screaming for help.  I kept searching behind me for the dog that I knew must be soon approaching since no laundry line would hold back such a powerful animal.

Maybe my smelly tights helped me here.  No living being wants to be near me when I’ve put 12 or so miles into a pair of tights.


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