No Matter How Dark The Road

“No matter how dark the road, You’ll light my way, No matter how far my home, I’ll find my way”.  I was singing this aloud (embarrassment be damned) in the dark miles of my long run yesterday.  This song, “The Road“,  has nothing to do with running but it didn’t matter.  In my mind this song was all about how I was feeling.  When I become exhausted I get emotional and this song resonated with me.  Maybe I should attend “Men’s Night” and eat manly snacks so that I am less emotional?

I purchased In This Moment’s latest album, Star-Crossed Wasteland, just before my run and appended it to my playlist.   There are some great running songs on there but good running songs are a very personal thing.  For me they need to be high-energy, singable, and/or moving.  On a good run the right music will make me run 10x faster or even bring me to tears.  On a bad run the music is in the background and I don’t even hear it.

I also went crazy when “Blazin‘” came on.  This song was obviously written for their live show.  It is super high energy as they chant “We’re not gonna stop tonight we’re gonna burn this city down, We’re not gonna stop tonight we’re gonna blaze till the morning sun”.

My run was neither good nor bad, it just was.  I was happy to persevere through 20 miles.  The last five of which were quite difficult.  The weather wasn’t great (windy and cold) but it wasn’t cold enough to hit a treadmill.  This was the longest I’ve run since the Miami Marathon back in January!  It feels good to be able to run decent distance again.  I only wish I had felt stronger than I did.


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