White Crap And The Curse Of The Mizunos

I ran outside today.  I figured it’d be fine.  It was a balmy 35 with mild to moderate winds.  It was snowing but running with big fluffy snowflakes is a good experience (it feels like being in a snow globe).  In fact the run was fine except for running blind!  I ran most of the 10 miles with my eyes shut.  My face nearly fell off from being pelted with white crap (snow) which then melted and made my face even colder.  Running with your eyes closed isn’t so bad except when you are running next to a body of water.  Oh, and I saw a guy riding a road bike.  There was 1-2 inches of slushy accumulation and he was on a bike.  A road bike.

Let’s not forget about the winter curse of the Mizunos.  That nice little cavity in the heal that absorbs shock (or so they say) loves to get filled with snow and transform into a Frankenstein version of Sketchers shape-ups.  Thanks, but no thanks, my butt doesn’t need a 10 mile workout.

I should have taken the hint and headed inside when the bridge I cross to get to the canal path was partly submerged.  Instead I thought it would be smart to jump over it.  Someday I will learn to do the opposite of what I think is a good idea.


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